AI-powered planning to future proof your practice

Meet Braid

Airts' AI-powered planning platform, Braid, automates and simplifies the full engagement management process.


Planning and budgeting for engagements is time-consuming and complicated.  And competing priorities make it hard to get the right people assigned. Braid’s configurable workflows and automated project controls streamline the engagement life-cycle end-to-end.
  • Win for profitability

If you don’t have real-time visibility of how engagements are progressing, you risk overruns.  Braid's real-time engagement economics help you predict overruns and improve performance.
  • Win for client service

Getting staff with the right skills at the right time, never mind adapting to change and disruption, is hard.  Braid offers assisted and fully automated scheduling, helping you optimise your plan based on what’s most important to your business.  That includes making sure staff preferences and development needs are considered, and giving your teams greater autonomy.                 
  • Win for staff happiness

To bring everything together, Braid’s reporting tools give you the oversight you need to mitigate risks, manage operational health, and plan future strategy. 
  • Win for you

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  • Boost profitability 
  • Improve client service 
  • Keep your teams happy